IS-ELEC1B-Last Blog

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Valmadrid for all the lessons she taught us. If there is one professor that would unconditionally share her knowledge with the students, it would be her. I was kinda sad that she won’t be teaching here in UST anymore since she’s honestly one of my favorite professors. It was my first time to have her as my professor, and it somehow made me think that I might have learned more if she was my professor ever since like my other blockmates. My former professors were just boring individuals with nothing in their mind but to read their lectures. No interactions with the students, just pure powerpoint reading.

Salamat ‘nay! Kahit isang sem lang yun, marami talaga akong natutunan. Mas masaya sana kung ikaw pa rin prof ko sa ibang subjects kesa dun sa mga thunders na yun  =)))  Sana marami ka pang mainspire hehehe. Goodluck po sa career niyo!



Wow! It’s been a while since I woke up so early. I woke up earlier than my alarm clock, which was set at 6:20 AM. It feels weird to feel “rejuvenated” even though I only had 5 hours of sleep. As usual, I checked my twitter account, and I saw Ms. Valmadrid’s tweet that she’s not yet coming to class, and the time was around 6:15 AM. I thought that she will be coming to class late, but she was still earlier than me hahahaha!

That day, we discussed governance in which I find very fascinating. When I graduate, I wanted keep myself growing and not stuck in the same position. With the discussion, Ms. Valmadrid pointed out how governance works within the industry. She even made use of an example in which a professor exhibited the proper utilization of governance. These little things are so beneficial because we will encounter this soon in our lives. Ms. Valmadrid told us that she will be discussing 3 topics that day if possible, but we only discussed 2 which means…..

EARLY DISMISSAL! I really feel like going home early during that time, and guess what, there was no Statistics subject following BPO. We then proceeded to accomplish our mantra, “Ball is life” hahahah! We wneI guess it was a lucky day after all!


Last October 29, we had our make-up class in order to catch up with the lessons we’ve missed due to suspensions. It was somewhat odd for us since we we’re scheduled to have it from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

First, Ms. Valmadrid showed us our prelim grades, which was only a draft due to other groups not yet reporting. I’m somehow not contented with my grade, and I hope I can still bring it higher to at least 1.75. Then, we discussed about module 7, which is a bit related with Project Management. Then, the highlight of the day happened, FREE BURGERS! It ignited the inner beasts inside us and almost all of us immediately became hyper due to this.

I would like to thank Miss Valmadrid for this selfless act. Not only did she sacrifice her time for us to learn, she also sacrificed her money (Wala na mapaglagyan HAHAHAHAHA). Thank you again!


It’s BPO time again, honestly one of the most interesting subjects I’m currently taking. After a long hiatus, we had the chance to have classes again aside from the make-up class we had the previous week.

We were told that we will start the class five minutes before 7:00 AM, that’s why I woke up early and prepared in a hurry. All of us were disappointed to know that the room wasn’t opened yet until about 7:10 AM. After the disappointment, we tackled module 8, which is concerned about the IT Sourcing and Lifecycle. After that, an AVP was presented, and it is good overall. The only thing is that majority of the class cannot hear what they are actually saying, but the good thing is that they have subtitles. And for the fun part, another group had their trivia, and it was all about Accenture and Schlumberger. It was fun for me due to the company’s pronunciation being somewhat odd. Since we are studying BPO, the trivia is really helpful because it is in line with our course.

Another day for BPO was finished, and I certainly want more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ms. Valmadrid helps me realize that we should be prepared for the real world. Time flies fast, and it’s only one year away before we’ll have our own jobs. I’m hoping for more information and experiences to come!

IS-ELEC1B – October 1

Last October 1, I expected a normal day; quizzes, lectures, and information sharing. Well, I was not ready for what I was about to see and experience. But before we get into that, let’s go back to the night before it, September 30.

Our classes for October 30 is BPO and Statistics. As I stated before, I didn’t like math, which is why I have spent hours studying it since we have a long test the next day. From 6pm until 12am, I reviewed the lessons straight without even standing up to eat or even just to stretch. After that, I scanned through the BPO module, and since I was so tired and wasted, I slept through it. Even some of my classmates are telling me that there will be no quiz the day after, but still, I reviewed the pdf since I knew we were having quizzes every other meeting. I woke up late because my alarm didn’t ring. What a great way to start the day. So, I started to rush in preparing myself. I came to class at about 7:05am, and as I expected, the door was locked. I started thinking that I will not be able to take my quiz, but then, Mark Dazal pointed to the other door and he said it was open. As soon as I arrived, Ms. Valmadrid told us to start answering the quiz. My classmates are given time to review, and at that point, I knew I haven’t refreshed what I studied the other night. I answered the quiz and remembered familiar questions, but I didn’t know the answer since all information are all over my head. Luckily, I passed the test. During the second hour, the class presented their case analysis about each countries education, infrastructure, government, etc. The first group wasn’t able to present, so we were the ones the be presenting next. We presented about Russia, and in my own honest opinion, I think we presented well because we knew the topic we were talking about. Then, the group tackling Malaysia presented their case analysis. Ms. Valmadrid asked the class if they have questions, and I asked them a question about Malaysia’s educational background on language. Slowly, I am noticing that Ms. Valmadrid is getting pissed off since most of the class is not listening. She then started to be frank, telling us that she notices all the cheating that is happening inside the room but she chooses not to speak. She then walked out on us, which is very rare for our section since most of our professors during the past semesters commended us for being well-behaved.

The class went silent for a few minutes, and discussions were all about who is to blame. I think Ms. Valmadrid felt that we were taking her classes for granted, which is not the case for us. Maybe for others, they do not care what Ms. Valmadrid is doing for us. But for most of the original 3IS-C, we value what she gives to us since it’s beneficial for us. She has the experience to give us lectures which will be useful for us, and I don’t see why it should be taken for granted. I am taking this blog as an opportunity to apologize to Ms. Valmadrid, and I am sincerely sorry for what the class has acted on that day.


It’s been long weeks without BPO my friend. I was honestly glad that we had the chance to have classes since BPO is one of my favorite subjects in this semester. There was a quiz too, which was already expected due to the meetings we have missed. I woke up earlier than usual, about 5:45 am to avoid being locked by Ms. Valmadrid and I prepared for school as fast as I could.

I was surprised that majority of the class were already present by 6:45 am. Usually, the number of students by that time won’t exceed by 10. They were prepared for the quiz too, but unprepared for some questions. Is Ms. Valmadrid allergic to all kinds of seafood? That question threw me off that I was stuck on that question for about five minutes. I came up with my theory that a person that is allergic to all kinds of seafood is so unlucky she can’t eat sardines, tuna, or other fishes. So, I answered she wasn’t, and I was correct. I didn’t get a perfect score though, and I didn’t know where my mistake came from. After the quiz, it was our turn to present our trivia. Our group presented PLDT’s latest acquisition on Paywhere. After that, another group then presented their major project, which is satisfactory for me. The only thing I would comment on is that they focused to much on the fillers, and their audio quality is sub par. During the last hour, we were tasked to do a case study, in which our members began finishing it as soon as Ms. Valmadrid told us to do so.

I enjoyed the “comeback” meeting of BPO due to the topics and examples discussed. I feel that everything I hear from Ms. Valmadrid is valuable, which restricts me from browsing 9gag (shoutouts to 9gaggers hahaha). I’m not being a hypocrite since I use 9gag too, but I use it only for “thunders” who really cannot explain or really doesn’t even discuss their lessons. Well, that sums of my day and I look forward to the next meeting!

IS-ELEC1B – Sept 3

“A chance for redemption” was my guiding principle going into the BPO Quiz I failed to ace last time. The big problem was that too much information was taking up my brain cells due to the Math103 quiz we will also be taking that day. I was never good in Math, but I try hard to be better even though there is no chance to be (HAHAHA). The terms I studied in BPO and the formulas in Statistics are mixing up in my mind and I was so unsure whether I will be able to give myself redemption.

As I arrived inside the classroom, all of my blockmates are rushing to find a decent desktop for the quiz. My mind and body weren’t fully functioning well, and I was trying to remember all of the things I studied the night before. As I take the quiz, I saw some of my classmates outside the room. I was so confused to why they do not want to come inside since it is quiz they. I asked my seatmate, and he told me that Ms. Valmadrid locked the doors. I was laughing deep inside because of the way they begged to come inside. Lucky for me, I was early in coming to class during that day. As expected, the time for redemption was not there yet. I encountered familiar statements in the quiz, but I cannot fully remember what they really meant. I guess my sweet revenge will commence on the third quiz (hopefully).

I can say that day was a “lost” day. My body and soul was so lost even the most vivid moments seem so dark. Time management can really be a factor in a student’s life, and I hope I will be able to develop it more in the upcoming days or years. Being so lost due to academics + external matters really takes toll on me. Nevertheless, these too, shall pass.

IS-ELEC1B- Aug 27

The only time I confidently said I am ready for a quiz was last August 27. I wanted to ace the quiz since it is the first one we will be taking , and it is good to have an “allowance grade” due to high scores. After studying my brain out before the quiz day, it was time for a good night’s rest. I honestly expected that I will be getting a perfect score, but the tides turned before my eyes.

As usual, I was almost late for my quiz due to the high number of students taking the lift simultaneously. The elevators remained full until about 6:55 AM (Screw you elevators!). I briskly walked towards the Engineering building while reading the PDF for the quiz. I arrived on time, and it was time to take the test. I was poised at the early stages of the quiz, until I encountered a very tricky question. The question was “What is your IS-ELEC1B full name?”, and it made me really baffled. I answered Business Process Outsourcing which was very questionable for me since it was somewhat “plain”. Miss Valmadrid then reminded us to answer the identification questions in Uppercase letters, which was also written in the instructions. Being a careless kid, of course I forgot reading the instructions and answered them in lowercase. Even though I made them written in uppercase, I will still be wrong since the answer is not Business Process Outsourcing alone. There was no other choice but to accept my fate. I got 28/30, and I know that question was the culprit to my doom. Nevertheless, I still learned my lesson not to rush things and take it easy. After the quiz and the Module 2 lesson, the minor project presentation commenced. The explanation was very clear and their presentation was smooth. Then, we proceeded to the presentation of the major project, which was edited by yours truly. We didn’t have speakers in order to amplify the audio, and the subtitles kind of “lessened” the problem. I was proud of our work since Miss Valmadrid and my blockmates appreciated it.

For the nth time, mistakes made me more keen in my field. These mistakes serve as lessons that will be put to use in time. It is good that I experience mistakes as early as now, because if I encounter it during the day I will be joining the industry, I may have difficulty to cope up with my environment. I am honestly grateful that Miss Valmadrid does not get tired of sharing experiences and her life lessons to us, for it will be an additional knowledge for us to keep.

IS – ELEC1B – Aug 20 | Birthday Card Activity

Last August 13, we were tasked to bring coloring materials, scratch papers, scissors, and other art materials for an activity to be accomplished on the following week. Being a clumsy student, I was honestly never a fan of drawing or coloring. Since we were not told what the activity is all about, I became a little excited because I knew that we won’t do mere drawing and coloring. Doing such will just seem irrelevant in a BPO class.

I was tasked to bring scissors for the group, and of course I was jubilant about it because I know I will enjoy it more rather than drawing for the group. After I entered the room, I approached my group but Miss Valmadrid assigned me to another one due to an uneven number of members. After that, the members are told to choose different tasks that will suit their skills. I wanted to be a “cutter” but the task was already taken. I had to let go of my cutting skills so I proceeded on taking the “branding” task. The activity is focused on imitating what is happening in the industry in relation to business process outsourcing. We are told to create birthday cards which are based on our client’s requirements. During the activity, I felt a lot of pressure since our client told us to create a pop-up birthday card within 10 minutes. Of course, we made mistakes such as not communicating properly with the client that resulted into falling short of the requirements. That time, I somehow realized that tiny mistakes are huge enough to cause complications. We repeated the card-making three times, and I think that is enough for us to discern our mistakes and what is needed to be improved. Miss Valmadrid then elaborated the activity, making us knowledgeable of what is to be expected in the industry.

I enjoyed the activity because it gave us a feel of what is really happening in the real world. If we will just be focused too much about concepts and neglect the actual work environment, then it will be perilous for us students. I am hoping to experience more activities that helps us get ready for what we are about to face soon, the real world.